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Interested in moving to Wellington?

Why Wellington?

Located within Palm Beach County, the village of Wellington features beautiful natural landscape scenery, an upscale downtown, and plenty of additional potential for economic opportunity. Although the developed area is polished and chic, Wellington’s appreciation of the natural landscape is evident in its abundant parks and preservations. Many of which are open to the public year round. For example, Big Blue Forest Preserve houses nearly 92 acres of untouched land, and there are multiple other sanctuaries for birdwatching or exploring the Everglades year-round.

Wellington’s Hidden Gems

Wellington is also well known for its prominence in the equestrian world. Wellington is the host of the largest and longest-running horse show in the world – the Winter Equestrian Festival. International guests attend from all over, taking part in events and competitions hosted by the town from January to April. Additionally, employee growth and economic opportunity have also both been on the rise, making Wellington not only a perfect hometown; but a smart economic decision as well.

Interested in moving to Wellington?

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