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Interested in moving to Deerfield Beach?

Why Choose Deerfield Beach?

Deerfield Beach, only 20 miles north from downtown Fort Lauderdale, has several characteristics in which make it a great city to reside in. Deerfield Beach is rated as one of the nation’s cleanest and most environmentally safe beaches, earning itself a “Blue Wave Beach” certification from the Clean Beach Coalition. To further explore the beaches of Deerfield Beach, places such as Marina One offer boaters a full-service nautical experience. Love the beach and want to get involved with water sports – Ski Rixen USA, is another popular option to everyone looking to explore their water sport enthusiast side.

Deerfield Beach’s Local Social Life

Aside from the previously mentioned water adventures, Deerfield Beach also offers coastal shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Food & Wine Festival, which is a popular mix of food and wine tastings, exhibits, and demonstrations are all offered to residents and guests. Additionally, Deerfield Beach is home to the Festival of the Arts, which allows attendees to experience the exhibits and live music entertainment from the talent and mastery of local and national artists. Lastly, Deerfield Beach is second home to the Florida Renaissance Festival, another unique experience that is offered. Deerfield has plenty of options when it comes to living in a family friendly city.

Interested in moving to Deerfield Beach?

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